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Goodbye New York until next time -Sydney

Q: What's Sydney's insta?

_sydney_fisher xxx

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Thanks mom and dad -Sydney



Thanks mom and dad -Sydney


sorry the cropping is bad and the quality is terrible i had to use the cropping tool i downloaded to screenshot it because i do not know how otherwise but if you need other proof you can message me :( i am obviously happy but i feel like i made her angry and i want to shre this bc now we know that she does not want attention on her weight. dont make a scene about these because she said she did not want me to encourage comments

Thanks mom and dad -Sydney

Untitled #788 by doris-ok featuring silver stackable rings

H M long top, $48 / H&m jeans, $48 / Converse white high top, $330 / Proenza Schouler handle bag / Silver stackable ring




no. no. no. NO.

Petition to help try and stop the creation of the After Movie.

What else can we do? :/

"Harry won’t even know about After and it won’t affect anyone."

Yeah right

syd is shopping in new york looking drop dead fab and im sitting on my balcony in my pj’s eating fried crepes

i mean what is my life 


Shopping in London by ammemma featuring a leather purse

Looks like Eleanor might have worn this Theory sweater with her Saint Laurent boots and Saint Laurent bag.

So that happened…….